ZAP 2.2

(Impedance Analyser Program)

The Impedance Analyser Program uses the Basic Data Acquisition Module of PRAP to implement a stand-alone data acquisition package. While ZAP will create and read the files of PRAP, it does not include any of the analysis modules of PRAP.

ZAP allows impedance, admittance, etc. to be collected as a function of frequency from a variety of impedance analysers supported by the Basic Data Acquisition Module. Additionally, temperature controllers, stress-controlling instruments, and high voltage power supplies can be directly controlled by ZAP allowing more stringent control of the measurement. Optional plug-in data acquisition modules allow the collection of impedance spectra as a function of time, DC bias, temperature, etc. See the link below for more information about data acquisition modules.

ZAP Data Acquisition Modules

Limited analysis in ZAP is available through visual inspection of the ZAP resonance spectrum graph. A transform tool allows the measured data to be transformed into a variety of representations. The ability to display the data in a Locus Plot is an added feature of the software.

The import utility of ZAP allows data in the ASCII text file format to be imported for inspection.

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