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TASI Technical Software has demonstration versions of PRAP and STEP. There is currently no demonstration version of ZAP, but the user interface of ZAP is the same as that of PRAP except for the absence of the Analysis menu.

Each demonstration copy issued by TASI Technical Software is time limited, so you must request demonstration copies of the software. Please don't hesitate to e-mail a request for demonstration copies of PRAP or STEP at;

With the demonstration copies of the software, data acquisition is simulated. You are not able to actually collect data from the instrumentation. You are, however, able to import and analyse your own data using the import utilities of PRAP and STEP. Details of importing text files and performing analysis are provided in the on-line help of the software.

If you need assistance importing or analysing your data, please let us know. Alternatively, you could send us your data in an ASCII text file along with a description of the contents of the text file, the sample geometry and dimensions, and other pertinent information. For resonance analysis with PRAP, the sample density is required. We would then analyse and return your data with results determined by the appropriate software. All analysis would remain confidential.

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